LCD – contact juggling & liquid robot dancing

After the silly robot intro, LCD launches into a wicked display of contact juggling isolations. To quote Su-nami from

How is it when you Isolate an acrylic it looks like an incredibly intricate dance form and when i isolate an acrylic it looks like, well, someone isolating an acrylic?

LCD (aka Liquid Crystal Display aka ‘elsie-dee’ aka Nika aka Nick) and Matt Hennem have been obsessing for a decade now about the fine details of moving a ball from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’
For more, check his youtube profile

3 thoughts on “LCD – contact juggling & liquid robot dancing”

  1. can anyone direct me to an explanation of the illusion at 4:56? I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while. any help is appreciated.

  2. Amazing LCD! amazing music, amazing work, and amazing place for play Cj!
    Thanks for share!

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