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Kyle Johnson - Interview and Video at
Kyle - Interview and Video at

New video from the inhumanly talented Kyle Johnson, entitled “Smile, I know you want to…

Interview with Kyle:

> Where do you live?

I live in Rocklin, California

> Is there a community of contact jugglers where you are?

Not really, maybe one or two others in my area but they dont focus on it. But I do sometimes go down to The Vulcan in Oakland which has a plethora of new juggling tricks that are contact based with all kinds of props, done by the very talented jugglers that live there.

> How would you describe contact juggling?

oh man… I like in In Isolation when nobody knows how to answer this question, because I don’t either. : )
It is constantly being added onto and evolving so it makes it hard to describe. Like a non juggler trying to count how many balls while they are being juggled.

> Why do you contact juggle?

Well the reason has changed many times, but basically its to learn, and I’ve learned a lot! Not just about juggling but in life, that so much more is possible than you think, if you can focus.

> What is the best piece of contact juggling that you’ve ever seen?

Well, the body rolls done by Enrico Rastelli, Francis Brunn, and Jeanine Ebnöther for a start, palmspinning of Drew Batchelor and Moon, and for isolation type contact its got to be Ryan, Ed and Colin have the best stuff I’ve seen, pretty much all of MOM : ). Best “piece” would have to be Jeanine’s BJC routine that was posted not too long ago or Kelvin Kalvus’ Das Supertalent performance… and Manne Hanke. The best piece changes all the time, sometimes back to older videos… I watch a lot of them.

> What do you think about when you are contact juggling?

Doing the trick correctly, then if I stray I drop… and I’m easily distracted.

> What is the future of contact juggling?

I hope jugglers will start doing more full body rolls and/or using their legs more. I know that there are way more flexible people then me out there, with a lot more possible tricks.

> Anything else you’d like to say to our MoM audience?

Thank you for watching, and now go juggle!

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5 thoughts on “Kyle Johnson – Interview and Video”

  1. Yay! We got some serious cred there…

    Its great to see how some of our stuff has inspired other people. We do a lot more here at the Ministry of Manipulation than just post links to other people’s youtube videos… its really about imagining a new school of contact juggling, and exploring this largely unexplored discipline of rolling, isolating and moving things around.

    Applause for Kyle. He is working HARD here; this isn’t some freakish talent that somehow manifested itself overnight; there are a lot of hours spent developing the skills that he shows. Mass respect for your level of commitment to contact juggling… It’s brilliant.

  2. wow..just..amazing body rolls. wow. I’m off to put balls on my feet now. So inspiring and neato.

    thanks for this.

  3. Ryan,

    well you finally posted someone so Fucking good that I will NEVER contact juggle again. there I hope that ruins all your feeling good about having inspired people.
    And just today i was feeling good about the stuff I am doing and then you go and post this amazing shit. and it is 1 am and I have to find someway to go to sleep without drugs!!!!
    maybe you can get Dawn to beg me to reconsider.
    he is doing some of the stuff I came up with that I thought no one else was doing and he is already doing it in all these different ways I hadn’t considered!
    HAH, and you wanted me to post some video for you guys. probably so you could all drink beers and laugh at the loser.
    of course I have been only doing ocntact for 30 years, whereas this guy must be in his late 70’s and started when he was 4, right?

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