Kinect Graffiti™ – No Object Manipulation

The kinect is a Microsoft camera that can sense motion in 3 dimensions.
Jean-Christophe Naour, a French Interaction Designer based in Seoul (South-Korea), has developed this awesome realtime visualisation software Kinect Graffiti™, which is crying out to be integrated with object manipulation and dance performances.
I can’t be the only manipulator who visualise the motion of my props like this.

One thought on “Kinect Graffiti™ – No Object Manipulation”

  1. We did a gig with a Kinect quite recently:

    I was (and still am) very interested in the object manipulation possibilities. One thing we have found though is that when you are using body tracking algorithms, props tend to confuse the system. This will be able to evolve of course, but is a challenge as these are typically low level subsystems that software like Kinect Graffiti is built on top of.

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