Kinaesthetics and Body-Object Manipulation Workshop with Eimhin

Kinesthetics and body-object manipulation: A week of workshops and research with Eimhin Shortt

Eimhin sent me this today:

Berlin June 6th-12th @Berlin

This event will provide a platform for some ‘serious’ fun and learning…

Beginning with an introduction to proportion and bodily geometrics we will move through the week developing both a simultaneously conceptual and physical understanding of the bodily space, how this space and the movement in it is affected by an object, and how to interact with an object in such a way that we come closer to the ‘body-object mean’, the balance of both so that the manipulator is also manipulated in a mutual interaction of skilled means.

Now doesn’t that sound scarily serious!?

Serious indeed, for what will effectively be a whole lot of spinning around, rolling around on the floor, throwing your body and other things, copying objects and figuring out how to shift force from a to b by progressively more efficient means. Don’t be put off by the ‘lingo’…
If you are into dance, object-manipulation, physical theatre or anything remotely related to these fields then this could be very interesting for you, if you’re into philosophy, science, mathematics or spirituality it will also be interesting for you. (;Its an inter-esse-t’ing;)

There will be two sessions each day, workshops from 12-3 and a later research/collaborative-jam sessions from 6-8.

There is a daily fee for the space (I’m trying to sort it for free but so far its €5/day) and after that donations for my efforts are welcome, how much or how little is up to you and if you can’t afford anything you’re still welcome. Similar workshops normally cost around €100-200 depending on the facilitator. Space is limited so please contact if you’ll be coming along:


Eimhin can help you wake up your warp drives too. This looks ACE, so it does. The more people initiated into the ‘Crew’, the better. 😀

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