Kelvin Kalvus – Contact juggling @ FAME (2 clips)

A clip of Kelvin totally rocking the contact balls at Fame Nightclub in Zimmern, Germany. See how I embedded it so you don’t have to watch the first two minutes of the video? Aren’t you lucky? I just saved you having to watch 2 boring minutes of people drinking and dancing.

Another Kelvin video after the jump…

More Kelvin! Same club.. this one really shows off his skills:

Those christmas trees (multi-ball balances) are insane.

We love Kelvin here on MoM.
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Thanks to Celtic from for the links 😉

4 thoughts on “Kelvin Kalvus – Contact juggling @ FAME (2 clips)”

  1. Kelvin Klaus? Ehmm… I thought this is Kelvin Kalvus… 😉

    In a book should be the name kelvin Kalvus written next to the word awesomeness…

  2. They’ve always called him Klaus. Sounds a bit more German, doesn’t it? 🙂
    Multiball balances are called christmas trees? I’m working on a few now, they are kinda difficult…

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