Kelvin – Das Supertalent Final

Kelvin performed a perfect contact juggling routine in the final of Das Supertalent [click image for video].

Here’s an auto-translate into English of the comments, summary – they loved him. But, If I read correctly, I think that the prize might have gone to the guy playing the harmonica (no really).

MoM salutes the Kelvinator for a perfect performance – “La Classe”. Standing ovation well earned.
Kelvin, you’re awesome, I hope all the hard work was worth it.

Kelvin’s website and Kelvin previously on MoM, Kelvin is lined up as one of the teachers at MoM Berlin Workshop April 2009.

5 thoughts on “Kelvin – Das Supertalent Final”

  1. Wow! that performance was increadable!!!! I can’t wait to watch it again once the traffic dies down so the video isn’t so choppy…

  2. Basic summary of judges’ comments: “You’re an angel… absolutely wonderful… standing ovation… you did magic for us tonight… magic, sorcery, ball joke, wonderful.” About what you’d expect. Awesome!

  3. I think it’s one of the few times that I’m feeling really excited for a contact juggling show. Maybe ’cause you’re a friend, maybe ’cause I know how much talent you have..It had been an honor to teach with you, to learn from you, Kelvin. Everywhere, everytime, RESPECT 🙂

    hugs from italy


  4. Thank you Brian. BTW, the “Kelvinator” fridge in the picture belongs to a very good European contact juggler, anyone want to guess who? Hint: Kelvin was standing in the kitchen when it was taken.
    Yes, Moon, I agree.

  5. OMG. For a contact juggler to come second in a mainstream competition that is usually favoured by dancers and singers, is absolutely amazing.

    If anyone was going to get that far, it was going to be Kelvin. He’s a dude!

    Look forward to teaching with you again in April!

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