Kasou Taishou – Japanese TV

Kasou Taishou
kinchan-no-kasoutaisho = Kinchan’s Costume Contest.

From Wikipedia:
(Kinchan and Katori Shingo’s All Japan Costume Grand Prix) is a semi-annual show on NTV in which various amateur groups (or solo artists) perform short skits, which are rated by a panel of judges. Especially in recent years, many of the skits have revolved ativan online around clever methods of “faking” cinematic special effects on a live stage. The most famous of these skits, and the most successful at “fake special effects” was a skit which is widely known as “Matrix ping pong”.

I managed to dig up 33 videos this morning. If you find more, let me know.
My new favorite is Shaolin Soccer
I like this marshmallow eating ”Breakout” one too.