4 thoughts on “Kamil Dzilnski – TV ad”

  1. Oh my god Ryan, great find, do you think one of those Jugglers looks like Marco Paoletti. the whole world juggling 🙂 Drew

  2. because it is marco paoletti 🙂 with my acrylic balls 😛 The commercial is about new new technology television in Poland. hd and all of the this stuff. 90% jugglers are not from Poland, there is lena koln, marco, alan blim from catacomben, cho, shau, there suppose to be stefan sing but he didn’t make it on the plan 🙂

  3. From the Katakombes in Germany:

    As others have pointed out: most of the jugglers in this slot were cast
    via the Juggling Katakombs in Berlin, under the organisation of Alan Blim.

    These jugglers were:

    Alan Blim
    Leonie Döpper
    Lena Köhn
    Valantin Tovartchi
    Manfred Hanke
    Marco Paoletti
    Richard Kahlig
    Florian Krähenbuhl
    Felix Haekel
    Valantina Zick
    Thomas Dürrfeld
    Marie Seeger
    Fußball Jonny

    Not seen in the clip was Thomas Wallborn.

    We were extremely happy with the final video: thank you all, jugglers and
    production staff!

    Best regards,
    Your Jonglierkatakomben Team

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