Juggling Blog : The Karasel

Continuing the theme of Juggling Blogs, this week we bring you The Karasel by innovative juggler Michael Karas.


The blog Includes great DVD and prop reviews, and is loaded with intelligent written content rather than just *cough cough* video reposts. I’m hoping he blogs plenty of new-school juggling goodness when he tours with Jay Gilligan at next summers ‘Shoebox Tour.’

Posts I enjoyed:
Me at 400 – Michael talks about youtube and the importance of keeping good ideas offline.

Skateboarding and Juggling

2 thoughts on “Juggling Blog : The Karasel”

  1. I found that a little odd. Perhaps because I have seen nearly all of those amazing yet invisible jugglers he mentioned perform. and maybe that blog entry is aimed more to his geographical location.

    Good ideas in juggling aren’t that hard to come up with. Inspiration is everywhere. But if you haves something special, and want to keep things under wraps untill you have something solid, then I think that is a very good idea. 🙂

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