8 thoughts on “Juggler Tessy – 1 Ball Contact routine”

  1. Thank you for introducing!

    I’m glad that you like it.

    But I am not a winner, because there are some better jugglers in Japan.
    I want to brush up my skills more and more so that I can win to them.

  2. You, my friend, shouldn’t stultify yourself!

    You’ve done great getting your skills as high as heaven itself would be even be jealous of it!

    I would recommend you working on your posture tough, try getting your head up, smiling.

    I also would advise, that you try getting this awesomeness slow.

    Nonetheless: You’re AMAZING!

  3. Lovely Tessy, your hands are gifted, and I love the ‘reserve’. Its nice to have reserve, keeps you going for the long haul 🙂

    d a n c e

    ‘Man aspiring to his proper height’ according to Nietzche during the times of his insight…

  4. Tessy…you have ‘WON’…possessing such skill as you have in your art is truly winning….well done!

  5. Well, I guess i introduced tessy as a ‘winner’ in my original post on contactjuggling.org. I was referring to youtube.
    I watch a lot of videos, and his video received the most amount of applause and cheering and laughing and amazement from me compared to the other ones (maybe of all the videos i’ve seen this year)

    so Tessy wins that competition, specifically. The one I made up while watching youtube videos.

  6. But ya, fair enough. Tessy is in the game with the other Japanese contact jugglers, so it is especially tough competition to win at that game. I’m a sucker for ‘imaginary string tricks’ and general musical timing.

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