Jotti – Contact Juggling

Sorry, my Russian (?) isn’t good enough to tell you more than the auto translate of the youtube caption:

This magical video from me, February 2, 2010 at Sur la Mayor in Mordzhime / GOA to address a French yoga Cristiano (Jotti). For a whole year like his mount, but realized that the effect it will disappear presence, so watch the 12 minute speech, shot and one shot without any editing! Sincerely, Oleg Floppy.

A unique and individual style combining yoga with contact. It’s 12 minutes long, if it’s too long for you skip to 9:00 minutes for a nice bit of magic 🙂

5 thoughts on “Jotti – Contact Juggling”

  1. Hi Drew.
    I know about Jotti for a long time. But I can’t belive that it is true (I am about his head balance).
    What you think about it?

  2. Mel, I think it’s “Magic”. I also think that it’s a stunning visual effect in a performance. Mike – thanks for the link.

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