Jorg Muller’s Mobile

Michael Karas writes on rec.juggling:

It is really hard not to get incredibly gushy about this video so I’ll try my best…

Anyway…I’m no juggling historian but it is to my best knowledge that the last time an American audience was able to see this routine live was in 1997 at the European Showcase of the Pittsburgh IJA. Correct me if I’m wrong. I didn’t start juggling until 2001.

Anyway, the routine is called “Mobile” and is (I think) the signature piece of Jorg Muller (add umlauts where necessary), a German juggler who isn’t discussed often here on rec.juggling.

In my opinion, this is one of the finest juggling pieces of our time, in many ways on par with or greater than much of Moschen’s work.

One of the greatest Christmas presents I received today was finding that a routine I had only heard about was finally able to be seen (albeit not live) on YouTube. I love juggling in all its forms. But to me, a piece like this transcends juggling and take it to a higher plane – a plane only vaguely referenced by Charlie Dancey, where the juggling begins to create
a three dimensional “life” of its own – an almost conversation between objects and body.

Thanks, Jorg, for sharing.

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