John Cleese Talks on Creativity

Following a discussion about creativity with MCP earlier today, here is John Cleese explaining creativity and how to become more creative. Aimed primerily at a business audience, the background of his lecture is scientific, the guide based on his own experience. (35 minutes long, but worth it.)
Interesting stuff, plus play features heavily.
My notes after the jump, (will only make sense after watching).
[edit: thanks to lg Felix for the replacement link]

Playful – Open mode, 5 things:
1 Space – Create an oasis of quite space undisturbed.
2 Time – Prescribed play times distinct from ordinary life in time and location, 1.5 hours.
3 Time – Stick (play) with the problem longer. When does this decision need to be taken? defer the decision until then. Giving your mind as long a possible to come up with something original.
4 Confidence – True play is experiment. While you’re being creative, nothing is wrong.
5 Humour – Can help us get us from closed to open mode quickly.
– Keep mind gently on the subject.
– Collaborate, with playfriends.
– Connect different ideas (Juxtapositions), then filter. Absurd ideas – intermediate impossibles as a stepping stone to good ideas.

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