14 thoughts on “JJF2008: 3 balls stuff”

  1. props to oli for recording and editing this vid. That guy in the vest is like a Japanese Stefan Sing, that crazy little bit at 1:36 is absolutely the coolest thing ever seen by man, flows sooo nicely.

  2. Great video… must. practice. asalato.

    after watching again:
    the inverted box thingie at 2:10 made me grin…

  3. The Japanese…
    That’s what the world needs more of.
    I’ll have 3/4s of these tricks down by the next time you see me. I like the guy in the tie.

  4. Hi there – glad you liked the video guys… I put up a lot of the footage I have, but seeing as this video went down so well, I’ll see if I can coax another one out of the raw stuff I have left πŸ˜›

    Yuri (the guy in the vest) is 15. I tip him to be one of the next generation of world class jugglers.

    The guy in the tie is Teruki Okamoto. Agreed, the trick at 1:57 is insane. Beautiful. The boy’s a genius.

    Nigel – I’d love to see the video of you doing all those tricks sir.



  5. Hey out there!
    What’s that in the beginning?
    How are those things called, where can I get’em????

  6. hi – me again,

    PLEASE – what’s that stuff the guy is playing with in the beginning?
    How is it called? Any references in the web??

    Any info is welcome – please!!!

  7. what’s up? No one can tell me what the guy in the beginning is playing with? I’d realy appreciate some information…
    Or is this something confidential?
    Looking forward reading some more posts in this thread πŸ™‚

  8. FINALY – just before giving up – I found it!
    They are called Patica or Asalato or Banakula
    now let’s find a shop…

  9. Hah – sorry sir haven’t been paying attention to ministry stuff the last couple of weeks – glad you were so inspired πŸ™‚ the japanese juggling shop naranja has a good selection of (patented) patica stuff – you could maybe check that out…

  10. I NEVER imagined 3 ball juggling was going to get this good….that was astonishing…..It’s been here for ages too…don’t know why I didn’t see it before….pure joy.

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