Jens Sigsgaard juggling in NY

First part of juggler Jens Sigsgard soloshow performed at the Juggle this festival in New York 2008. Featuring 1 ball juggling, contact and manipulation and movement. High skill, highly creative, Some people may find it a little bit too “contemporary”. Gotta love the “waterfall” from the head to foot.

Previously blogged on MoM.

part 2 goes more juggley

2 thoughts on “Jens Sigsgaard juggling in NY”

  1. Wow, some seriously heavy stuff in there…
    Do I spot some Jeanine’s stiley moves here and there ??

  2. I dunno about ‘jea9’ stiley… but some things are familiar. Jea9 was studying a style of dance known as ‘release technique’ and it seems like Jens is using his body in a similar way.

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