Jen Slaw & Tony Duncan Promo Video

For fantastic historical reasons Tony Duncan is a legendary name in the world of ball contact. He has teamed up with Jennifer Slaw to create a slightly ambiguously named performance duo:

Their promo video is here: video html page. It’s quite long, but there are some great moments that make it well worth watching. I found that my browser sits there for ages waiting to download this doing nothing, if you get the same problem, then this direct link to the video will help: Right click and save as:

Jennifer Slaw seems groovy, and her website says that she has degrees in art & engineering…That sounds very familiar.

Tony Duncan:Tony Duncan and friends

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One thought on “Jen Slaw & Tony Duncan Promo Video”

  1. hmm.. not really representative of tony’s abilities, or history. The show looks fun, but the key point you forgot to make was that Tony won a medal in the 1990-something IJA competition with his 1 ball act. This win gave recognition within the American Juggling scene to contact juggler (who had previously been frowned up as ”theives” of Micheal Moschens technique) By using a large stage ball and focusing on longer, more technical body rolls, Tony Duncan set a path which people like Greg Maldonado, and later Jea9, would follow.

    I’ll email him and ask him if he has footage of that IJA act…

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