Jeanine – Ballédanse @ BJC07

On the front page of JTV at the moment is MoM’s very own Jea9, rocking the British Juggling Convention 2007 – higher resolution and download link available on JTV.

An Instant bodyrolling classic. The audience is about 2000 and that sounds like me cheering VERY loudly at the end of the routine. Perfect, she totally nailed the performance, so good we even clapped for the web video 2 years later!

We’ve been a bit slack on posting videos from JTV, the new releases they have been rolling out recently is golden juggling and manipulation.

12 thoughts on “Jeanine – Ballédanse @ BJC07”

  1. Another great instance of “Hey, I can do most of tho-oh crap.”

    Definitely clapping at my laptop on this one. Off to practice foot catches now!

  2. you are beautiful, jea9. probably when you perform you’re the beauty itself 🙂 hugs for you! 😀

  3. indeed she is as lovely as her juggling is good.. very interesting routine, thanks for posting…

  4. Jeanine, your last performance in Vitoria was still better : i think you improved a lot your number in EJC 2009. Bises de Franck.

  5. It is safe? Jeanine is using a BALL!
    like; a normal ball. its nice and shiny and stuff, but what are you suggesting with your question? you can buy balls in lots of places. you can even use oranges and things if there are no balls available where you are.

    Its hard, too. Jeanine is one of the best; very well trained. good luck to your son; I recommend showing him some stuff from
    /very confused.

  6. I kid you not to say my heart ached with joy watching the beauty of your dance, grace, and skill.

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