JCJC – Front page of youtube

On the front page of Youtube at the moment, it’s the first featured Contact Juggling video since Beans.


Soon to be the most most viewed contact video on youtube. It’s Mr Fuse* at the Japanese Contact Juggling Convention last year. Very nice. Been watching this clip steadily build momentum in the blogosphere over the last week, I reckon its reached viral critical mass now.

Anyone wanna kick of a game of “which web clips are his influences” in the comments section?

*Edit – thanks Brian

4 thoughts on “JCJC – Front page of youtube”

  1. Video has been around for a while, but just recently got noticed. I saw it on the front page of http://www.digg.com a few days ago!

    Other vids from the JCJC (Japanese Contact Juggling Convention) are great too! Sadly, Masaki Hirano’s routine was taken down.

  2. Rei Harakami is the name of the musician, not the juggler, though “artist” certainly applies. I’ve seen this guy referred to as “Mr. Fuse.” Anyone know for certain?

  3. If I am correct I was told his name is Yoshiyuki Fuse.

    Ryan- There was a Masaki H video I missed? bum:(

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