3 thoughts on “Jason Latimer: Laser Magic”

  1. Yes, Jason Latimer is good.
    He got skillzs.
    I don’t like very much the way he communicates with his audience, but I admire his sleights and ideas…
    Théo Dari is a french magician who specializes in laser illusions
    > Some ideas I can see the potential with crystal balls! ^^
    I wish I’d know where to start to try simple laser effects…?

  2. Yeah, watching this stuff sucks when you can figure it out. I didn’t even have to watch his cups and balls twice to see how he did every slight of hand. I do suppose that it is impressive though; even though I have figured out almost without a doubt how this is done, I know I still don’t have the precise dexterity to do it.

  3. @dantes bla: It sucks when you speak of yourself that way. If you can figure it out then go ahead and RELEASE the illusion for sale. I have no idea what saying things like that just to up your self esteem is gonna do for yah. Get a life, bro.

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