Japanese popping-style contact juggler busker robot OMG

Sorry to interrupt Vernacular Jazz Dance and historic Chinese Ball manipulation week but this was just too exciting. A Japanese street performer on Harajuku Bridge busting out new-style contact juggling, bodypopping and glides in a robot suit!

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This link comes straight from Londons legendary father-of-the-popping-style LCD (aka ”elsie-dee” aka “Elsie-Dee” on contactjuggling.org. I think we might be seeing a lot of these kinds of acts on the street this summer. They’re bound to be popular. 😉

harajuko bridge
Who are you?????????????

One thought on “Japanese popping-style contact juggler busker robot OMG”

  1. sweet!!! trying doing some body rolls in that robot suit! lol
    i liked it alot! very cool! and original too!

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