Japanese Jugglers #3

3rd in the fantastic japanese jugglers series from OliTheJuggler

From Youtube

The third installment of Japanese Jugglers – filmed in Tokyo May 2009. Featuring Yuri Yamamoto, Teruki Okamoto, Murakami, Shigezou, Komei Aoki, Masaki Hirano, Okotanpe, Yanai Akihiro and Tanaka Yhei. Music: Love Domination – Takkyu Ishino

Japanese Jugglers #2
Japanese Jugglers #1

2 thoughts on “Japanese Jugglers #3”

  1. Hmm- I was wondering why the viewcount suddenly jumped up 😛

    Sweet to have my work featured on MoM, again! Maybe one day I’ll actually be in a featured video o_0

  2. guy with the green balls and kooky shades….a whole other dimension on 3 balls…all pretty astonishing with the common factor of precision engineering…them Japanese…..! Fantastic…love to get out there to one of THEIR conventions!

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