Intrika – Double Entendre – Contact Juggling

This clip has been sent to us three times, first by Lawrens Godon and Dave Knox then finaly by Miss Frix herself. OK, yes, we get the hint, we should be blogging this*. Frix writes:

Our new website is online: … if you know of any festivals or agents who would love to have us: pass it on!

5 gold stars and 3 brownie points 😀
Dig the art nouveau site, worth a look for the promo pics.
Would love to see them perform live, Miss Frix has been one of our favourite contact jugglers for years.
*(user suggestions always gratefully received.)

2 thoughts on “Intrika – Double Entendre – Contact Juggling”

  1. I love it. I met these cats in Portland, and they were showing some interesting ideas in many categories.

    I love the fact these girls are mad about their multiball, I don’t see women represent in the MBall category enough!

  2. So mesmerizing.. These kittens had the misfortune of meeting me in Peats Ridge & Exodus festival in Oz not so long ago. & my word, no thing has ever captured my intrigue & awe like they managed.. Add to that the fact they some of the funniest cats around & you have the totalli package..

    Much love and respect to Frix & Ana for creating such a delightful experience.. Such an inspiration!!

    Love these guys!!

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