Interview & Video – Okotanpe / Mr Fuse

When it comes to smooth, polished technical contact juggling, few people stand out as much as Okotanpe (Mr. Fuse). His JCJC clip has racked up millions of views on youtube (and every other video sharing site) making him one of the Internet’s most popular contact jugglers.

Ministry: Where do you live?
Fuse: I live in Chiba, Japan.

Ministry: Is there a community of contact jugglers where you are?
Fuse: Not really, but I often play at Yoyogi park which is a famous place for contact jugglers.

Ministry: How would you describe contact juggling?
Fuse: The most beautiful entertainment that I’ve ever seen.

Ministry: Why do you contact juggle?
Fuse: Because I feel great when I contact juggle. especially the palm circle isolation.

Ministry: What is the best piece of contact juggling that you’ve ever seen?
Fuse: Michael Moschen of course! Labyrinth(movie) was my first time I saw his work.
I was impressed deeply. then I watched In Motion(by Michael Moschen). It was an amazing performance with more than just technique. That’s awesome. I was shocked. I was happy.
Also, let me say one more… The open stage at EJC2008 ‘Intrika’. (LINK)

Ministry: What is the future of contact juggling?
Fuse: I think people will increase the number of balls. but it will always go back to just simple technique to show beauty the ball.

Ministry: What do you think about when you are contact juggling?
Fuse: The line of ball as it passes the body… the next action. Where should the ball go next?

Ministry: Any advice for people who are learning?
Fuse: The most important thing to image what kind of contact juggling you want to play. Remember, ball movement should always be nice and smooth. Learn to know and feel how your body works and to see yourself objectively. Play with a ball a lot

Below are two amazing clips of Mr. Fuse in action.

4 thoughts on “Interview & Video – Okotanpe / Mr Fuse”

  1. Hi I’m new in the world of contact juggling and I love the performance of Okotanpe, I’ve watched a lot of videos and I think Okotanpe is one of the best for Palm Circle Isolation ! My question is : Can Okotanpe or another good contact juggler make a GOOD and COMPLETE tutorial for a one hand palm circle isolation ? Because I’ve searched a lot and I didn’t find a good explication. It will be great for all beginner !
    Congratulations for this site !

  2. Drew has a good tutorial in his book. I recommend slowing down a lot and focusing on a consistent speed throughout the circle, making sure it takes as much time to travel through the back of the hand as it does along the fingers. The problem most new contact juggler have is they do not develop the control needed on the back of the palm, they isolate though the fingers and then jump the ball through the back; destroying the tempo of the trick and bumping the isolation.

    A good palm circle is the mark of a great contact juggler; honestly there isn’t much I can say aside from practice, practice, practice! Okotanpe has good isolations because he busks a lot; several hours everyday dedicated to contact juggling is the path to mastery!

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