Inline Skate Juggling (Kiev!!)

The kind Ukrainians once again explaining that if you are a juggler and want a girlfriend you should move to Kiev.

Raw Art presents:
Performed by Katya Nikiforova.
Directed by Taras Pozdnyakov.
Costume designed by Valery Kovalska.
Idea by Yuriy Pozdnyakov & Taras Pozdnyakov.
Coach – Yuriy Pozdnyakov.

7 thoughts on “Inline Skate Juggling (Kiev!!)”

  1. Hey. This is REALLY good. As a Juggler and Ex-inline+ice skater, I’m super impressed by how well the two skills have been integrated. Great Choreography and high performance skill 😀

  2. Er, thou you may want a juggling girlfriend doesn’t mean she wants a juggling boyfriend. /feminist rant

  3. Just about the most amazing thing I’ve seen! The skating is so precise & stunningly cool…and then JUGGLING too!!!!!!!!Blown away ….WOW..

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