Imperfect Cirquel


imperfectcirquel.avi [High Quality 150Mb!]
imperfectcirquelmq.avi [Medium Quality]
Suddenly the future of Juggling and manipulation web videos looks a lot brighter! Just by watching the intro’s you’ll know this is DVD quality in the filming and awesome editing, and very high res file too :). (not low res You-tube clips). And the quality of the skills equally brilliant, Enjoy:

Shay Wapniaz: contact juggling
Lorenzo “SID” Crivellari: balls and clubs
Stefano “DIABLISTA” Mestroni: balls and diablo
Pietro “BUSK” Selva Bonino: diablo
Federico “EXART” Fiordigiglio: unicycle
Alessio “EVVIVA” Dantignana: staff
Daniele “KASETTA” Caselli: balls
Silvia “STREGAI” Pavone: hula hoops
Emanuele “MOON” Marchione: bouncing balls

Looking forward to seeing more of these folk, and more high quality videos like this in future.

One thought on “Imperfect Cirquel”

  1. Beautiful!

    Amazing to think that so much work would go into a free release. Mass respect to this crew… I know how much time must have been involved in the production of this and I just want to say “THANK YOU!”

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