IJDb to close it’s doors

Colin annouced today that he intends to close The Internet Juggling Database, the largest English language internet Juggling resource. (Full text below).

We thank Colin for all the great work that he’s put in over the last 11 years and we look forward to seeing who picks up the torch to provide the international Juggling Community with a new web space. Rec.juggling should still be available and still be accessable via the web at google groups, but it’s not yet clear what will happen to provide a space for the essays, events listings and clubs listings.
The end of an era.

Dear IJDb Members, rec.jugglers, and friends,

The IJDb has been live for 11 long and happy years. But now, I am sorry to
say, the time has come to shut it down. This site has been a labour of
love for myself and many contributors (who are too numerous to name, you
know who you are), however, for the past five years it has received very
little (technical) attention. As a result, parts of the site are in a bit
of a bad way (perhaps not visibly or externally, but trust me, it is an
accident waiting to happen). I have made the occasional request for
assistance, but nothing has really come of it. Personally, I am not upset
about this at all, my preference is that someone creates something
innovative and new, rather than adopting my work. This is much more likely
to result in a new site that will last for many years, rather than
allowing this one to just plod along for a few more years.

I hope you all understand that I am not doing this out of spite or
frustration. It is just my wish that the site is shut down on my terms,
whilst it is still something worth remembering, not slowly left to rot
(just like the site that the IJDb superseded).

I plan to shut down this site at some point soon. And after this, the
sourcecode and data will be made available for anyone to use under a
suitable open source licence (all email addresses and personal data will
be removed).

I sincerely hope people understand why this is happening and that the IJDb
will be replaced by another (or many other) new websites.

Regards, Colin E.

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