Human Movement Capabilities

I love parkour and the l’art du deplacement. The above video is a French group called ‘Speeders’ who are very very good and clearly they also do tricks, not just parkour.

Also for your viewing pleasure we have, Mister Puma, a man who does in fact look more comfortable on his arms than his feet. He’s French also, and if you get past the four or so handstand press ups he does in the training section at the start, you’ll see him doing very dangerous things that the French transport police (Do they have them?) don’t mind. VIDEO LINK

On the subject of amazing body control, we got a member of the British Tumbling Team – Damien Walters, doing some crazy crazy stuff, including a back tuck with a chair, and a front tuck to immediate double back. Yowsa! VIDEO LINK

Some beautiful parkour training from a young British chap – Phillip Doyle. He’s really powerful, agile and dedicated, but also, he’s barefoot for the entirety of this VIDEO: I love how long the swing of his arms is when he runs, just like a gymnast.

Finally a very very strong and gymnastic Russian – Oleg Vorslav. He’s doing things in this video that I seriously thought weren’t possible for the human body, but he’s making them look easy. Really, I’ve only ever seen gibbons do some of this stuff, and that’s a compliment. This is an art project film, so don’t expect to see much slow motion of the movements but it’s well done and amazing to watch. The amazingness starts at 3 minutes into this ten minute video. VIDEO LINK

2 thoughts on “Human Movement Capabilities”

  1. Speeders are Belgian, not French. And what they are doing is not parkour but freerunning. It’s almost the same but parkour concentrates on efficiency, freerunning “just” wants to impress. And Oleg is not Russian, he’s Latvian. I know you guys from America don’t see big difference in it but you should. What would you say if I called you Mexicans or Brazilian? It’s also America, isn’t it? 🙂

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