Hula Hoop – On a Pole

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This is mad new style hooping, of yes, awesome. Not quite sure of the name of the girl yet, apart from Jane, been trying to find out if she was supposed to be at the Sydney Juggling Convention.

Anyway, she does mad awesome hooping on a pole, so that you get the low space underneath you, she uses that to great effect, makes the pole do hoop, does pancakes and beautiful juggling transitions and owns some of the old style Bob Branson hoop rolling… Epic, watch it.

6 thoughts on “Hula Hoop – On a Pole”

  1. hoop with one dimension more…the bramson-variations are wonderful….i hate the slow-motion-effect of the video

  2. I thought ‘mad awesome hooping’ would be a bit of an overstatement when I read the blurb, but you’re right. It’s mad awesome!

  3. This has been one of my favourite hoop videos for ages. Insanely awesome. Love those back-cross body rolls. I was at SJC, and after the convention saw on the supposed-to-be-attending list a photo of someone called Jane vert hooping on a pole, and got all excited too. Just coincidence. It’s not the same Jane. I’ve been trying to find out this awesome human’s surname for ages now. Let me know if you do hunt her down!

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