How is a fushigi ball like an orange?

Dawns helpful beginners video will hit 1/4 million views this week!
From the comments:

Thanks for showing how you can use a common household item to learn contact juggling. My stepson has been nagging? for a Fushigi ball and once he saw this he decided he didn’t need any special ball to learn.
Thanks again!

YouTube – How is a fushigi ball like an orange?.

Fushigi Ball – How it works

For those who are still wondering, a Fushigi Ball is a cheap, low quality overpriced Contact Juggling ball.
It’s overpriced because you’re paying for those awful misleading adverts to go on the telly.
It will not levitate.
It will not gravitate. (Whatever that means.)
It is a ball.
Contact juggling works because Contact Jugglers train for a long time. The training is fun, but it’s not something you will “master in minutes”.

Better than a Fushigi Ball, HOP sell a good quality 85mm Acrylic and ship worldwide.

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  1. Oh you rock Drew, thanks for the post! Hopefully, this phenomenon will die a death more quickly because of this video 🙂

  2. this i think is actually a better tutorial for beginning moves than the actual fushigi dvd XD

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