Headcase – Declan Mee

Finally, a video of head stalls that doesn’t get boring for a second!

Declan Mee, a regular of the Katakomben in Berlin, and attendee of the Ministry workshops held there, shows us LOADS of stuff that can be done with a ball on the head.

This video is pretty epic, and very well edited. You may find yourself watching again and again…

6 thoughts on “Headcase – Declan Mee”

  1. Wow,

    I want to do my ZOMBIE Movie. People who are turned into zombies with these circular alien growths on their heads. they can’t move too fast, so as long as you finish your luch quickly, you can enjoy a quick glass of wine and still get out of the way.
    he and the guy form S.A and me should hit up Spielberg or Romero to do it!

    he is the first person I have seen do me top of the head roll.

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