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As many of you know, the Ministry of Manipulation was born in a London circus studio called the Hangar, and the Hangar came to an end because the site was needed for development for the London 2012 Olympic Games. In June 2007 the Hangar closed its doors and is currently scheduled for demolition.

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I’m happy to announce the first stage of Hangar 2; a new warehouse space has been aquired and it looks like it is going to be an AMAZING studio!

9 thoughts on “Hangar Arts Trust”

  1. that looks WICKED, with loads of space to even throw things high up in the air.
    good luck and whatever it needs to realise that
    cheerio seb

  2. This new Hangar is not a live/work facility, simply a training studio. I lived at the old Hangar (bless it!!!) and Drew, Jea9, Ed and Colin were regular guests, but those days are gone now 🙁

    The new Hangar is under the same management (Aircraft Performance) so who knows what it will grow into, but one thing for certain: it will continue to produce awesome circus acts and artists!

  3. *_____* my dreams woke up seeing this 😀 I’ll be in that place..one day 😀
    and I’ll be soon in london..


  4. Looks good, And for sure its gonna look a lot better!! Great to be involved! urs faithfully the builders..

  5. cool so this is still progressing…from the sounds of it atleast(nudges the builders). 🙂 would certainly be an awesome place to visit when i get the opportunity to get over to that side of the atlantic. Good luck with the progression to all those involved.

  6. Have you got a more up to date site that I can point my friends abroad to – so it will tell them what the hangar is about now?

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