Genki Sudo (World Order) in New York

Genki Sudo first appeared on our blog a few weeks back with “Mind Shift”; an unbeleivable showcase of technical isolations and group illusions. The same group took a trip to New York and here is a new video!

After the first video, I was stuck doing the ‘genki sudo walk’ for weeks. I’ve finally stopped.. but then this new video happened.

4 thoughts on “Genki Sudo (World Order) in New York”

  1. omg cheers for that. amazing job.
    Looks like ima gonna hafta find a few other peoples and make my own Genki Sudo video. 🙂

  2. Thanks for props Ryan. It was a lot of hard work trying to find 4 other guys to agree to and then to practice in between our busy schedules. We got the most out of it. And then we had to deal with Florida’s melting fall weather in our suits:P

    It was definitely fun.

    and thanks for Luke for sharing that video. Always interesting to similarities or possible places where inspiration is drawn from. Definitely liked it. Especially when the ninjas came in XD

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