Gandini Juggling Project – i-juggle white

From the always incredible Gandini Juggling Project

White space juggling extracts from forthcoming Media Circus Release. Jugglers: Bibi, Bichu, Florian Marienfeld, Doreen Großmann, Jochen Pfeiffer, Sean Gandini, Owen Reynolds, Iñaki Fernández Sastre, Kati Ylä-Hokkala. Cameras by Mark Morreau and Graham Pettit Editing by Sean Gandini

2 thoughts on “Gandini Juggling Project – i-juggle white”

  1. Here you can see the effect made by the antispin of the club in a passing. Before the club is vertical, the top is going in the opposite direction of the club (so it goes slowly), then the top goes down in the same direction as the club (so it moves fast).
    Speed up and slow down in one throw… it’s magical !

  2. pich: yes, and the effect is even more obvious with torches in the dark. Kind of reminds me of retrograde motion of some planets.

    This clip is taken from the social siteswaps DVD right?

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