Fushigi: The Magic Gravity Ball

A new infomercial marketing campaign in the U.S. threatens to rebrand contact juggling into…. Fushigi?
Update: If You are looking to get into Contact juggling, The best deal for an acrylic ball at the moment is an 85mm Acrylic ball from Home of Poi, you might also want to read MoM’s ball guide.

Next Monday, this promo advert for Fushigiball.com will air on North American TV on major networks like Fox, ESPN, and more. This is a well-funded business venture with a factory in China and they are aiming to turn contact juggling into the new “hackey-sack”.
Contactjuggling.org has been having mixed feeling about this ‘awesome new form of contact juggling’, as several of our forum users responded to a ‘contact jugglers needed for promotional ad‘ thread, were hired (via) for the gig and now find themselves involved in a huge marketing campaign.

Dear M.o.M readers all over the world, how do you feel about this? Does it go too far with the total rebranding, repackaging and renaming of this incredible art (that Michael Moschen is still performing!!!!) Or is this just business as usual? Perhaps a good new source for well-priced acrylics?

We want to know what you think. Leave your opinions in the comments, on the Official Fushigi facebook page, or join the discussion on contactjuggling.org

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