Fushigi Ball vs Contact Juggling Explained

Thank you Sennyo for making this cute animation using xtra-normal. For the rest of the world – Fushigi brand contact juggling balls are being advertised on TV in North America.

While some elements within the contact juggling community are vitriolic in their attack of Zoom TV’s attempt to rebrand the art of Contact Juggling, far more numerous criticisms seem to come from users of Fushigi facebook group complaining that they have been overcharged, and that they are having to wait 4-8 weeks from ordering to receiving delivery of their ball, and that they cannot contact customer services. Further criticism comes from the video blogging kids on youtube who feel that the adverts are misleading, and are dissapointed that their ball doesn’t actually levitate, or even “gravitate”.

If you are looking to get into Contact juggling, we don’t recommend you buy a Fushigi ball. Save yourself time, money and hassle by getting an 85mm Acrylic ball from Home of Poi, you might also want to read MoM’s ball guide.

MoM is currently baking her response to Fushgi. It’s on the cooling rack and will be ready for consumption shortly. It will be quite tasty.

One thought on “Fushigi Ball vs Contact Juggling Explained”

  1. Great prices from Home of Poi. Way cheaper (and better) than Fushigi balls

    Of course, the ball that all the younger Fushigi kids should be learning with is a soft stageball, not an acrylic ball or Fushigi ball. In my experience as teacher of juggling, some kids who are challenged by the process of learning contact juggling become frustrated, and in anger they throw the ball at other children. Similar to the response in this cute Fushigi parody
    If that had been a Fushigi ball (and not a Fushigi bread) then somebody would have broken their face.

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