Furet – Hoop Isolation Solution

A brilliant video from Furet.


I remember the whole story. Jago brought a collection of metal hoops to the BCJC a few years ago. Some of us had seen moschens work, and immediately made a connection. That night.. for that group of 12-15 european contact juggler, hoop isolations were born.
Pich was there… as was Ewan, Mr. Om, Drew, Mr. Crystal, myself (Ryan,) Bruno, Anna and a few others. More than a new prop, a new idea was born; that the illusions of contact are not restricted to just a ball. [of course.. moschen knew this already, but it was still damn exciting for us]

Furet is a student of Pich, who both live in Paris. Jago and myself were already performing with aluminuim hoops in Anomalies, and Ryan began teaching isolation workshops which focused on new props like hoops, clubs and blocks. Pich was introduced to hoops through these workshops, and later introduced it to Furet. Furet is currently studying manipulation in University… and we are beginning to see the stunning results of that research.

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