10 thoughts on “Furet – Extraits de Cercles”

  1. Absolutely fantastic. You’re doing well, nico..really beatiful ideas and very good realization.



  2. i just watched this now. I likes a lot.

    I have to come to Paris at some point. Some really good ideas there. Some bits of the video i found myself wanting more… but I’m pretty certain you have so much more material under your hat than you showed here. Defined paths… Mmmm. so much potential.

    Such a fantastic song, too. I was hoping you’d use it a bit more though.

    I really want to have an idea bouncing session with you, Nico… ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Itยดs amazing, i love contact juggling and this is one more step, very visual.
    Could you tell me where can i found one of those orange rings?? Are they like the magician rings??

    Thank you very much….

  4. Nico Furet… or anyone from The Ministry, could you tell the best place to get isolation props? Especially the half circles?
    Thanks Icarus.

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