Furet – EJC 2008 – Eccentrics Hoop Routine

From the 2008 EJC, Furet (Nicolas Longuechaud) from Paris presents a new piece of isolation performance with rings which makes me smile. I liked it enough that I made a cheesy fan poster to hang on my wall.
greatest of the hoop isolationists
Cheers to Furet for the ministry credit in the video. We remember him when he was just a kid on some internet forum 😉 Be sure to check out : Other Furet videos you haven’t seen yet!

3 thoughts on “Furet – EJC 2008 – Eccentrics Hoop Routine”

  1. I love the concept of having a smaller hoop connected to a larger hoop. The whole video owns, there is very little repetition if any.. seriously well done.

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