5 thoughts on “Furet – Contact Hoop – EJC 2007”

  1. i only saw half of that, and it took 45mins to load (stupid dial up grrr) but it was worth it. 🙂 Furet is a legend.

  2. I am looking for a hoop for manipuletions, but I can’t find them. I am based in Belgium, but if anyone knows where to get them in the internet, that would help a lot. thanks 🙂

  3. its hard to get the aluminium ones. Jago and I had a batch of custom ones made with the help of beard (www.beard.co.uk) and furet was one of the people who got one of them.

    You could always make a plastic one by covering a hula-hoop with ‘circus tape’ (shiney reflective tape normally used to decorate club handles)

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