Furet – Circul’aire promo


A teaser of some of Furet’s hoop manipulation. I first saw this show at EJC 2006 and was blown away by his research; building off the work of Michael Moschen and a host of other artists, Furet is reaching for new and beautiful discoveries in hoop manipulation.

4 thoughts on “Furet – Circul’aire promo”

  1. this man is my hero…. I absolutely love his stuff. I met him at CJC this year and he is a really nice guy. gave me some cool idea’s for my cube manipulation

  2. great stuff…I particularly like the three hoop work and the stuff with the really really small hoop inside a larger one.

  3. MMM. Yum. I’ve got some really amazing footage of his show this summer at UberParis. Every time I show it to people we just crack up at the ridiculous frequency of ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhhs’ you can hear from the audience.

  4. Really? How could we…. umm… access such footage.

    I’m working on the CJC Openstage show footage; He did his full act there.

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