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clubsAfter hooking my friend Jake West up with a new set of PX3 clubs through the store I run with the circus school, he asked me if I could make him a list of cool club videos “with all that f#@$ed up stuff the Europeans are doing now…”

So.. since Jake (or many of our readers) aren’t lucky enough to be going to a french juggling convention anytime soon; here is the next best thing, a few of the best club manipulation videos available on the internet:

Sander (video, video, video) Funky legos and wrist traps
Emiliano Alessi (video) Clubs and dance
Luke Wilson (video)
Elias Hedlund (video, video ) Nordic sequencing (large downloads)
K8 Malabares (video) superfunky club juggling
Addicted DVD (video) Full-length (60min) free juggling video full of club manipulation goodness, including tonnes of Sander.
Malte Steinmetz (video) – technical 3 club mixed with contact club sequences.

There you go.. enough stuff to keep you busy for the next couple years 😉

6 thoughts on “Funky club links”

  1. offline DVD;s I’d highly recommend:
    Old classic: Radical club news
    Now skool: 9-1 – With a great soundtrack too
    and if you like kickups and footwork: the bjc 2007 DVD features an awesome extra feature by luke wilson
    EJC2006 DVD is the best all rounder for what’s going on in Europe recently

  2. yo!
    Thanks for the links, super apperciate it! tons of inspiration there to keep me busy for a long time! Cheers!

  3. OK quick question, which clubs are recommended for these manipulation moves? I really like the feel of radical fish for 1club contact stuff, but that’s about all I’ve faffed with.

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