Friday Fun:

“Shane sings 5 octaves” from

I found a blog the other day which is basically the opposite of our blog. While we at troll the internet in search of gems that celebrate the dedication of individuals and amazing skill level on the internet, is drudging through the leftover bins of the internet to find those especially awful and embarrasing ‘talents’.

From their site:

The world is full of super-talented singers and dancers. Those people have no place here. Who does? The guy screeching his way through George Michael’s “Father Figure” at karaoke, the woman warbling misheard lyrics to R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” (“Let’s pee in the corner/Let’s pee in the spotlight”), the freestyle rapper that’s muttering “uhn” and “er” – but still no words yet – around the 1:02 mark, the dancer that looks more like he’s having a seizure than either popping and/or locking.

So what makes for a good bad talent video? Ask yourself these questions: Is the person a legitimately bad singer or dancer? Does watching them make you laugh (and not just texting an LOL to your friend kinda laugh, but an actual laugh out loud in the middle of a staff meeting, warranting a stern look from your boss kinda laugh)? Does the person think he/she is, in fact, very talented? If the answers to these questions is a resounding yes, then welcome home.

Perhaps I should head over there and suggest they watch the amazing Ken Create promo. “Try it! I think you’ll like it!”

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