Friday Fun : mass youtube appreciation

A Reddit User posted this:

My 8 yr old made his 1st ever youtube video and checks for views non stop he has 2.

So my 8 year old decided to make his 1st ever youtube video and upload it all by himself he checks it constantly hoping to get views and comments. He has 4 views which are all him i was hoping some super awesome redditors would view his How to Build a Lego Snow Trooper Mini Figure and make his day. He’d probably crap himself if he had 200 views.

Check the video comments. It is going nuts right now with a flood of appreciation from all over the world. 10 new comments since i started writing this post. Youtube has capped the views at 306 for the day (a weird glitch, counter to potential spam-bots since all the views come from reddit) but there are 5,000 + words of praise for this young youtuber since it was posted a few days ago.