Friday Fun – Jugglers and Girlfriends

From the WJF:

Some of the worlds best jugglers (Marco Paoletti, Toby Walker, Thomas Dietz, Vova Galchenko, Wes Peden, & Kristian Wanvick) discuss the importance of relationships in their lives.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Jugglers and Girlfriends”

  1. Its unfortunate that Wes equates girlfriends with dogs… but i’m sure he’s just being funny.

    This video makes me appreciate my girlfriend even more
    (she can do an ‘over the head’ bodyroll AND juggle 5 for longer than me)

  2. marco was so funny!! but `tis true its hard to juggle girlfriends and juggling, unless your girlfriend juggles to.

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