Friday Fun: Gremlins take over the movies!

File under Digital Manipulation.

Watch in amazement as Sascha Feiner seamlessly edits the gremlins into several major films including Batman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and more.

This is amazing to me!
Click below for the “making of” video to understand how difficult the process of lighting and shadowing was. The video is the result of an 18 year obsession with the original films.

From youtube:

The creatures effects are all made with puppets. I made a new mold out of a hard cast of one of the original sculptures from the production. I created a batch of new foam puppets especially for this project. Their performances are enhanced by computer effects, which makes them able to do nearly anything, from running to jumping or facial expressions. The entire shooting takes place in a bluescreen studio, arranged in my basement, in order to superimpose the gremlins in the chosen movies.

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