Friday Fun: Bruce Lee Ping Pong
Not sure how staged this is, ie, how much are the ping pong players playing down their skillz? No matter, the late, great Bruce Lee is here playing ping pong against one and then two people, using Nunchaku instead of a traditional paddle.

No matter how much they are letting Bruce win, he is still hitting a ping pong ball with Nunchaku, and tricking with it as well.

Thanks Bazz for the video.
Pssst. It’s CGI.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Bruce Lee Ping Pong”

  1. beleive the correct internetz respose is:
    First !!1! (damn Void got there first)
    OK, how about:
    Fake, the shadows are all wrong ( They’re not, it is.)
    OK, real answer
    High budget CGI – viral for Nokia.

  2. Yeah, I totally did no research on this video, other than asking Bazz if it was really Bruce Lee, and him saying Yes. 😀

    Hoorah for Friday Fun! 😆

  3. I saw this video when I was 12 in 1978. This was before computer generate CGI. This Video is authentic unlike what other people have said.

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