Freestyle Canoe – Marc Ornstein

Breaking one of MoM’s golden rules with this post: No Chris de Burgh, but we really enjoyed watching this routine.
Nowadays you could name any object, add the word “freestyle”, a bit of cheesy music, a tuxedo/street wear and you’ll find somewhere in the world they’ll be a crew battlin’ it.
Readers suggestions please for the next “big” thing in freestyle manipulation:
We’re looking forward to next years world championship of Freestyle Teabag, and we hear that freestyle broomstick is sweeping the nation.

6 thoughts on “Freestyle Canoe – Marc Ornstein”

  1. I really don’t think its funny to mock our sport its very difficult and takes lots of training and FYI Mick, he did win, with jonathan hammond in a close second

  2. @Sammy C – I don’t think that we are entirely mocking this video post; as the post says, we really DID enjoy watching it! For many of our blog viewers, the idea of freestyle canoeing would seem strange or unusual, the blog post is lightly making fun of that… but no disrespect

  3. OMGOf the blog posts made on MoM in 2011, this was the 4th most popular.
    (counted by views in the last year).

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