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British Juggling Convention 2003 – by Andy Wilson

BJC 2003BJC 2003

A Contact Juggler’s view of the 2003 British Juggling Convention
Featuring: Silver Paul, Steve, Jago, Deniz, John Blanshard, Drew, Malte, Rob Horseman and many more…

30 Minutes of the best festival Hightlights:
– Footage of the UK’s best jugglers and manipulators
– Jago’s 2003 ‘Palm Circles’ act
– Football on stilts (!!!)
– TePooka’s Fire show
– Drews Mirror Scene
– And MORE!

Grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. There’s some good stuff in here…
Watch now for FREE, only on The Ministry of Manipulation

2 thoughts on “Free Convention Video”

  1. I wonder if I’m milling about in the background in any shots (or cjing badly :P)….with my long hair

  2. Salut!

    Is there a way to download the vid, so I can see it?
    My PC can’t manage streaming well…will have to change that…

    I want to see this!!


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