Francis & Lotte Brunn Video

Francis Brunn Week francis.jpg

Ignore the first 2 acts, the second half of this clip is Francis & Lotte Brunn @ Cabaret Kaivohuone, Helsinki, Finland 1947

A young Francis Brunn, with very ladylike shoes doing very impossible manipulation and juggling, with high speed energy.
Wow, Brunn was incredible!
Footage I’d never seen before, Thanks to another great manipulator – Antti of The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo for this link.

EDIT: NEW LINK Big respect and thanks to Little Paul for capturing and rehosting the first Brunn video as a downloadable wmv. (30Mb)
Francis & Lotte Brunn @ Cabaret Kaivohuone, Helsinki, Finland 1947 now downloadable

2 thoughts on “Francis & Lotte Brunn Video”

  1. Ah!!

    The video won’t play for me… not sure if it’s the same for everyone, mind…

    A message appears in Finnish, and that’s not a language I comprehend… šŸ™

    Any tips on how to get this to play, Drew?

  2. OK, yes, its not easy. It’s a dodgily coded site I think. Click the link, above and you get to another site, with one obvious link, click and you get a pop up window with an embedded player. It didn’t play for me in Firefox but it did play in IE6. good luck. Drew

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