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“I find that I am fascinated by controlling one ball. It sounds like nothing, but it is quite difficult to do properly.” – Francis Brunn

blaise1.jpgAn attempt to link to all the Brunn articles and pages on the web, if there are any missing, please email, or post in the comments below.

A long and detailled Francis Brunn Interview from the IJA Newsletter, May 1981 By Gene Jones, (then) IJA President
Starts “My father was in a French prison camp in World War I. From behind barbed wire he saw a circus juggler warming up, and out of boredom he took three stones and tried it. Later, he showed me how using oranges..”

Francis Brunn and Natalie Enterline interviewed in Kascade 1996 Quote: “Don’t believe everything you read about Rastelli.”
Natalie Enterline was 1978 World Champion Baton Twirler. She combines her twirling skills with hat and cane manipulation and dancing and used to assist Francis Brunn in his act.
Now dead link: German site – with great photos of FB from the archive of Karl-Heinz Ziethen. (also a photo of Natalie Enterline).

Short Article by KARL-HEINZ ZIETHEN IJA Newsletter, October / November 1978 Volume 30 No. 6
Juggling hall of fame – Francis Brunn
Juggler’s World: Vol. 38, No. 1 1986? Francis Brunn – After almost 50 years, Brunn still looks forward rather than back.
Brunn told Juggler’s World magazine that he had nothing to prove.
“I can understand why a man wants to run the fastest 100 meters, but I don’t believe in juggling competitions,” he said. “It’s like seeing who could paint the fastest painting.”
Brunn filmography on IMDB
“Francis Brunn” on Wikipedia
Some more people Brunn inspired (it would be easier just to write everybody!):
Brunn inspired Michael Moschen
Brunn helped Philippe Petit in his bid to walk tightrope between world trade centre towers

Obituaries 2004
Dick Franco writes (already posted last week)
The Villager
Blog of Death

“For me, the biggest success is when the audience stays quiet” – Francis Brunn

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